Subsea Cable Protection

PartnerPlast and Molstad Modell & Form manufactures duct subsea cable protection for abrasion- and dropped object protection, J-tube seals, Bend Restrictors and Cast Iron protection elements for protection against wear and overbending during installation.

PartnerPlast Duct Subsea Cable Protection has been designed to fit a wide range of cable or umbilical diameters. Grooves on the inside of the elements and the slots underneath the band recess, together with the flexible PU material, allows the cable protection to be compressed when the band is tensioned. The elements are interlocking, and it is possible to build an infinite length of protection around the cable or umbilical. The duct subsea cable protection protects the cable against abrasion and damage due to impact from dropped objects, rock dumping etc.

Design life is minimum 25 years and the protection units are not influenced by varying water depths.

For extreme durability or when the PP subsea cable protection is used in harsh environments, we can offer heavy-duty material with considerably better performance than the standard elastomer.

Subsea Cable protection is supplied with Smart Band reinforced bands and buckles as standard. Other band solutions may be used upon request, such as Inconel or titanium.

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